6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Running

There is a lot of difference between walking, jogging, running, and sprinting. It’s the speed, energy, and pace of your foot that distinguishes among all. If you are running too slowly, it means you are not running at all. You are either walking or just jogging. Improving your running speed is easy if you practice it regularly with caution. Here is how you can improve your running.

Warm up or exercise:

Your body should be flexible enough to improve your running status. And this flexibility comes from regular exercise. Other than regular exercise, you do need to perform some warm-up exercises before running too. It keeps not only injuries away but also relaxes your body from stiffness. Few regular exercises include practicing yoga, jumping rope, back and feet muscle stretching.

Measure your current pace:

How many footsteps do you run every day and how much area you cover? It is the most important question that you do need to ask yourself if you want to run faster than today. You are required to break your patterns every day and reach another destination.

Set weekly goals:

If you don’t know where you are and where do you need to go, you can’t improve! Once you measure your current speed, your next task is to set weekly goals and achieve them. In the first week, try to cover the same area in the lesser time i.e. speed up your pace. And afterward, set a longer path to improve your running.

You should increase the number of steps you take in a minute. Try sprinting before going to run on a long road. You can customize your goals as per your requirements.

Be comfortable:

You must avoid painful fittings of your attire. You can run fast only if you are comfortable with what you have worn. You should have a smooth and comfortable tracksuit along with light shoes. Lighter shoes keep your tor easy and comfortable.

Optimize body weight:

The more body weight leads to slow running. It doesn’t mean that you lose weight dramatically or keep your stomach empty before running. Ideal weight helps in maintaining the balance of the body while running. Otherwise, your feet will be overburdened with your weight.

For an ideal weight, you must take a healthy and nutritional diet that keeps you charge even after burning energy in running. It works as the fuel for your body.

Take the right position and look ahead:

A wrong position may cause pain in your feet, stomach, thighs, strain or some other serious injuries. Looking ahead and seeing your destination is important if you want to run fast. At first, you may not be habitual of looking ahead and lose control of your body sometimes while running. But don’t worry; you will realize its effectiveness in a few days. If you are struggling in keeping your look ahead, you should start running on a treadmill, it will help you to see forward and teach leg turnover.

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