7 Great Running Tips For Beginners

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No matter whether you want to run for your physical well-being or just like that, it’s never too late to start running. Before you decide to take those first steps, follow these running tips. These running tips will guide you in the right direction and will help you make the most of your running sessions.

Invest In The Right Running Gear

Have the right clothing and footwear for running before you actually start your session. Generally, you should opt for running shorts and shoes instead of normal shoes or pants. If you are running in winters, go for loose pants and wear outwear over your shirt. 

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Walk Before You Run

Try to walk for 15 minutes before you start to run. This is a safety tip for beginners who haven’t attempted to run even once in their life. It’s also good to do some leg stretching exercises before a running session.

Run At Your Own Pace

Many beginners try to run faster especially when they are running in a group. Such people end up being fatigued or injured. We advise not to be hard on yourself and run at your own speed. If you are running alone, run for 5 days and take a day out for rest every week. During those off-days, you can opt for leg and calf strengthening exercises that will improve your performance over time. Also, if you are injured or unwell, make sure to drop the idea of running for some days.

Stick To A Schedule

Consistency matters in everything and running is no exception. Schedule your days deciding when you will be running, when you will be doing other exercises, and so on. Also, run at the same time every day. It’s better to run during the early morning hours. Further, make sure not to skip the workout for over a day except in case of illness.

Focus On A Form

Get into a proper form before you attempt to run. Stand tall while keeping your feet, abdomen, shoulders, and head in a straight line. Running in a correct form will not only increase your speed but will also reduce the chances of injuries. It is also good to do some breathing exercises before you kick start your running session. Also, do some jumping jacks or bring your knees toward the chest during breaks. Further, don’t forget to warm up and cool down during each session. These are some of the best running tips you can follow!

Build Endurance

If you are a beginner, go for normal running during the first few weeks. After that, try to build stamina by opting for interval training. Also, try to cover the longer running distance to build endurance. Instead of running on normal tracks, reserve some days for running the hills. Make sure to start slowly when you try to run up and down the hill. You can gradually increase your running speed once you are confident enough to climb the hill. Last but not the least; don’t forget to do some strength training exercises for your legs, glutes, hips, and calves. You can opt for squats, lunges, deadlifts, and other such exercises to build endurance and eventually improve your running performance.

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Write Everything Down

No matter whether you go out for a simple jog or group running with friends, writing details of your running sessions is a way to track your progress. Take a dairy and note down your everyday workout session including details like running distance, speed, interval training, etc. This will also help you find out where you are lagging and also make changes to your running sessions. 

Beginners should take these running tips into account before beginning their sessions!

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