Best Shoes To Run Marathon – For A Long And Successful Run

best shoes to run marathon

As a buyer, choosing the right kind of running shoes is tiring. You need to look through numerous little details to pick out the perfect one. To make your task simpler, here’s a detailed list of the best shoes to run marathon for you to check out! Running shoes may like just casual sneakers, but they are actually designed using specialized technology to help you run efficiently. While buying new running shoes, one has to check so many factors before finalizing on a pair. The varieties and companies offering running shoes are enormous. The price of the shoes, versatility, comfortability, design, and durability are some of the major factors that attract a customer’s mind while buying running shoes.

Why Do You Need Best Shoes To Run Marathon?

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You also need the kind of terrain you’ll be running one while picking out a pair of running shoes. The perfect shoes will also depend on how long you will run, your body weight, preferences, and main objectives. You can check out the following article to see some of the best shoes to run marathon available in the market.

List Of The Best Shoes To Run Marathon Worth Checking Out

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Nike React Miler

This version of Nike shoes is perfectly designed for neutral runners looking for a cushioned ride with a bit of stability while running long-distance races. Nike React Miler weighs around 9 ounces with a drop of 10mm. These shoes are highly cushioned, super comfortable, and come with reflective panels to run at night. These shoes’ price ranges from $60 to $90, and are worth every penny.

ASICS GEL- Kayano 27

Kayano is the latest model from ASICS that offers long-running stability at its best. The shoe has a generous fit and is also designed specifically for both genders. Depending on the biomechanical differences between men and women, the women’s model has slightly more foam underfoot than the men’s. Both the models are available for $160 and have all the necessary features to give you the confidence to go the extra mile.

Special Mention: Brooks Ghost 12

The Brooks Ghost 12 is the ‘go-to’ running shoes for almost all of the heavy runners. One of the best shoes to run a marathon, the design is extremely reliable, created especially for runners who need shoes that can last hundreds of miles. This model weighs around 10 ounces and has a drop of 12mm. The shoe is supremely cushioned with an excellent outsole grip to provide the topmost level of comfort. This model’s price range ranges from $85 to $250 and is modeled for extra durability.


There is a huge range of running shoes available in the market that offer the best comfort and durability level. But, the most important thing is what your preferences are. Think about what your goals are, the kind of terrain you’ll be running on, and your previous experience with marathons and other long-distance races before buying running shoes. You’ll be able to pick out the best shoes to run marathon only after weighing over all the external and internal factors like comfort and budget levels.

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