Cold Running Tips – How To Tackle It All And Improve Your Performance

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Ready to run or jog in the breezy cold winds? Here are some cold running tips that would make your cold running quite easier. The wintry days have arrived, which means people will remain inside their homes to enjoy the warmth and avoid the cold winds. But if you are a runner or a jogger, you cannot certainly skip this daily routine. To conquer the breezy and chilly mornings, here are some cold running tips that you may find helpful on wintry days. So, without wasting any time, let us cut to the chase!

Cold Running Tips

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Layers of Clothes: Yes, you read it right. To save yourself from chilling cold winds, wrap yourselves up with some layers of warm clothes. It should be kept in mind that wearing too many clothes or layers should be avoided. Wear clothes as if it was 10 to 20 degrees warmer. There are two reasons. The first one is initially, you might feel cold, but you will start sweating after some time while running. And when you are sweating, the sweat gets in contact with cold winds, and there are high chances you might catch a cold from the process. So, let there be some space for venting of air.

The second reason is – if you wear too many layers, it will be truly uncomfortable for you to run. Once you start and get acquainted with running style and comfort, you will know what kind of and how many layers of clothes should be worn.

Start With The Exercises

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Warm-Up: Warm-ups are very necessary before you start running. Let the blood get flowing. Do some small exercises, yoga, jumping, stretching, etc. This will help you in getting a little warm before directly going into the breezy and cold winds. Also, another one of the important cold running tips is to warm-up even after your running, also called post-run warm-up sessions. As soon as you stop running, your metabolic rate drops, which means the body slows down the heat production process. A post-run warm-up does not involve any exercise or anything of that sort. Post-run warm-up is to keep you warm. First, take off your wet and sweaty clothes, then it is advised to go for a cup of hot coffee or tea or a hot water bath or shower.

Stay Hydrated – The Best Of Cold Running Tips

In the winter season, you generally do not realize that you’re thirsty. But when you are running, perspiring, and dripping sweat, you are losing the fluids. So, it would help if you kept yourself hydrated while running or jogging.


The above mentioned top 3 cold running tips would surely make your running in the chilling winter mornings easier. Try the cold running tips and see what works for you the best. You have to take into consideration all of these Running tips because whether can make a big difference in your performance but you can be sure the fact that it can make you more efficient when you run through the cold.

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