Cool Running Tips for Long Distance

running tips for long distance

Meta Description – Love running for a workout, but get tired easily? This blog will guide you how to increase your stamina. Here are some running tips for long distance.

The key element in increasing your running stamina is being consistent. If you want to increase your endurance, you have got to be regular with your workout regime. It means you will have to run atleast 4 times or more per week. After the initial 10 days to 4 weeks only will you begin to see some changes in your stamina. This time duration depends upon the intensity of your run. A quicker and more intense run like running on a slope will take some time to show results than compared to a run that is long and steady. Also, keep in mind that running too much too soon will not show any considerable results but might lead to injury or overtraining. Here are some running tips for long distance.

Running Tips for Long Distance

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Here are some cool running tips for long distance that you must keep in mind.


Consistent training will build your stamina and increase your aerobic capacity. Initially, you can aim for 3 to 4 running sessions per week for 30 minutes and then gradually increase the time to 45 minutes. Or you can just make one of your running sessions longer in between.

Gradually Increase the Distance:

Your goal should be to run for half a marathon or a full marathon. Your long runs should cover up 50% of your total distance you plan to cover for a week. When you are taking a longer run, remember to be at a sustainable and slow pace else you will struggle to finish. Go slow and only concentrate on completing the target distance. This will give you greater endurance.

Take Tempo Runs in Between:

Tempo runs also improve your running speed and make your slow paced running feel easier. Tempo runs should ideally last from 20 to 40 minutes for beginners and up to 60 minutes for advanced runners.

Eat Proper Food to Build Endurance:

Concentrate on getting 55% to 65% of calorie intake from carbs. Complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole grains, oatmeal are better options than the refined carbs and starchy foods as they only increase your blood sugar levels.

Recover Between Sessions:

You need to ensure that your body recovers well between sessions. This recovery comes from a healthy diet, ample stretches and sufficient sleep. After 30 minutes of finishing your run, remember to eat some carbs and proteins to recover for the loss of energy. This diet after 30 minutes is the best as your body gets to absorb the nutrients and use it to refuel. This will help you recover after long running sessions and gradually build endurance and stamina to go into longer running sessions.

End Note

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These are some of the key running tips for long distance that will help you increase your stamina and endurance gradually.

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