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Types Of Running And The Training Plan

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I am going for a run! We often say that, but do we know what type of running we do? People who love running can regularly be seen on the same route running the same pace and distance for years. Any kind of running is great but there are types of running and training plans if adapted can give great benefits. Training means systematic use of exercises to promote body fitness and strength. There are various types of running and training plans which we can practice depending upon our need.


A style of running in which one covers a short distance over a limited period of time is referred as sprinting. The technique involved in this type of running is very helpful in building muscle strength and losing weight.  People who sprint not only train their body but also train their mind to run faster. This kind of running is very useful for athletes and people in general.

Marathon Running

It is a long distance race which is usually a mix of all types of running. Many establishments organize such marathons year on year to help a social cause.  It is also conducted for the betterment of the people who participate. Thousands of people take part in such kind of activities. They undergo vigorous training for months before the day of the marathon. However, people may not necessarily be regular runners to participate. Participants can walk, jog or run depending upon their physical strengths.  Along with physical fitness, a lot of mental strength is needed to complete such races. This kind of running is best suited for people who are not regular fitness enthusiasts but like to take care of their health from time to time.

Types Of Running And The Training Plans


Jogging is a form of running which does not require any special kind of techniques or gear. It is the simplest form a training which requires slow pace running for over twenty to thirty minutes. Most people we see training are often found jogging. Though not strenuous but it is one of the best training styles that has kept people fit all their lives. Jogging is the best exercise our heart can get. Joggers mostly do rhythmic breathing that allows pumping a lot of oxygen into the body.  

10k training plan

This kind or running or training plan is best suited for runners who believe in setting targets in kilometers or steps. 10k running stands for 10 kilometers running. Runners usually take weeks of training before being qualified for a 10k running plan. Beginners start with shorter distances first.


There are various advantages of running. It not only keeps your health in check but also boosts your confidence. It controls the blood pressure, prevents us from diseases and boosts the immune system. One should adapt mix styles of running from slow paced to fast, from short distances to long. This will help in keeping the weight in check and improve the overall mental health and fitness.

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