What Shorts Are Perfect For Running?

Sports. Gymn-ing. Running. These, a full list more of activities is now gripping the world by the hilt! Though not forcibly, of course. There seems to be a sudden rise in people obsessing over looking fit and being fit. Because of this, there has been a rise in the purchasing of running gear as well, such as running shorts and shirts, shoes, smart watches, earphones and the like.

Why The Need For Running Shorts? Or Running Clothing, For That Matter

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This seems like the most irrelevant subject to ponder on when it comes to running. Running clothing? Can we just wear anything we feel comfortable in and start with that?

In theory, you’re not entirely wrong. The attire we put on for a run definitely has to be comfortable. Otherwise, we might not enjoy the exercise and be so irritated by the discomfort, we’ll decide to quit altogether. Running, along with other forms of exercise, always begins in the mind. So when we know we’re comfortable, it sends signals to the brain to keep going.

How Clothes Can Get In The Way Of Our Workout

On the other hands, it’s important to note that though some pieces of clothing may “feel” comfortable at first, you’d be surprised to know that some might be obstructive to your running performance.

For example, your old jogging pants are the pair you usually wear when you go out for a run because they’re loose and comfy. But what you are unaware of is that the kind of fabric its made from is causing high levels of wind resistance. This means that it actually contributes to slowing down your pace or speed.

More than how aerodynamics and how a certain type of fabric rubs against the skin, the latter can be unhelpful as you exercise if it isn’t breathable and is moisture-trapping.

Don’t worry about switching to the proper running shorts to help you out in your running game. Below are some of our favorites:

1. New Balance Running Shorts (for men)

Woven intricately with polyester and fabric, the New Balance Running Shorts are a runner’s ultimate choice for comfort, style and running support. It’s stretch fabric is so breathable and lightweight, is has very low resistance to wind. That means you’ll be able to run faster, and cover longer distances!

2. Under Armour Speedpocket Shorts

This ultra-light and expandable pair from Under Armour allows room enough for you to run unrestricted by its soft fabric, and with ease. Smooth to the touch, there’s no chaffing or friction even after running after a long time. Plus, it’s mesh side panels does not keep air out, but in fact lets it circulate so that sweat will dry easily as you run.

3. Nike Dri-Fit Tempo Track Shorts

Running even in the warmest weather conditions will no longer be a challenge with Nike’s Dri-Fit Tempo Track Shorts for women. In addition, its polyester lining has great moisture management to help you feel cool while you workout. Its drawstring closure makes this amazing, universal sized product fit for any woman who runs the distance as well as the race of life!

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